Product Information

Products | Specialty Precast | Concrete Block AlternativesThe product is a concrete block alternative  panel delivered to the site for installation. A Specialty Precast Company panel is precast inside a climate controlled facility and delivered to the site for erection. Regulating the climate during the manufacturing process maintains a consistency in the quality of the product that is not possible to attain at a construction site. By producing the product in a controlled environment, the quality issues and delays associated with weather are minimized.

Wall Types
We currently offer two types of wall panels in five different heights. The two types of wall panels are frost wall panels and foundation wall panels. Frost wall panels are typically used under garages and porches or as crawl spaces. Frost wall panels are either three foot or five foot in height. Foundation walls are offered in standard 8’6″, 9’0″ and 10′ heights. We are also capable of manufacturing custom heights less than ten feet to accommodate multilevel structures. Typical panel widths are less than 12 feet in length and vary depending on the specifications for each project.

Product Details
The exterior of each concrete block alternative panel is flat with a textured finish. The overall thickness of the product is 11 inches consisting of a 2-1/2 inch exterior and an 8-1/2 inch cavity formed between two concrete studs. The interior resembles a studded partition with concrete studs every two feet. Cast into each concrete stud is a galvanized 25 gauge drywall stud.

Each panel is a monolithic pour using a consistent batch of 5000psi fiber reinforced concrete. Monolithic means the entire panel is poured at one time to produce a uniform product without inconsistencies associated with multiple step procedures. A 5000psi concrete is used for strength and for watertight characteristics. The concrete mix exceeds watertight standards determined by the American Concrete Institute. Incorporated into the concrete are multiple layers of 1/2″ and 5/8″ steel reinforcing rods. Foundation panels weigh between 440 and 512 pounds per linear foot.

To further guard against water penetration, our system utilizes a compacted gravel base rather than a traditional concrete footer. The weight of each panel is distributed over a compacted gravel base that permits the water to properly drain and be channeled away from the foundation. A crushed limestone base eliminates the hydrostatic pressure commonly associated with concrete footers.The most appealing feature for the homeowner is the cost and time savings to finish a basement into usable living space. Specialty Precast Wall Panels are ready to accept finishing materials, ready for electrical and plumbing and insulated with 8-1/2″ of insulation.