Product Strength

Product Strength | Specialty Precast | Versatile ProductWhether you’re building a simple foundation for a manufactured home or building an elaborate custom home, Specialty Precast Company offers a versatile product to meet most specifications.

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Product Strength
Specialty Precast Wall Panels are designed to be one of the strongest foundations on the market.

  • Monolithic pour – Strength is achieved through a monolithic pour using a combination of strategically placed 1/2” and 5/8” steel reinforcement rods and 5000 psi fiber reinforced concrete. The strength of the concrete is also enhanced with a superplasticizer admixture which reduces the amount of water needed in the concrete mixture. The entire manufacturing process is poured with a uniform batch of concrete eliminating the possibility of inconsistencies associated with multiple step procedures. Depending on the height of the panel, a typical foundation panel weighs approximatly 440 to 512 pounds.
  • Design – Strength is enhanced by incorporating a vertical concrete stud on the outside of each straight panel and by using two solid 45 degree panels for each outside corner. Joining two straight panels creates a 5” by 11” column of solid concrete at each joint, and an 11” by 11” concrete post is formed at each outside corner.